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Los Angeles based actress Laura Kane has acted in a variety of films which have won 26 awards and received 23 nominations at film festivals internationally. Laura has also won the Best Lead Actress Award at the Best Shorts Competition Film Festival for the film Don't Go!.


Laura Kane


Laura was born and raised in Oulu, Finland, near the Arctic Circle.

She loves spending time outdoors and she's lived close to nature for the most of her life.


Trustworthiness and unpretentiousness.

That goes for both, her work and her life.

Laura Kane


From different hobbies like girls scout and swimming, ballet was the most influential. Laura started dancing at the age of 4 and carried on on stages for 16 years, performing also on the national TV of Finland.

In her teens, she started singing lessons and acting in plays on theater stages and in other productions.

Laura has had acting training in the UK and USA and she is currently living in Los Angeles where she also did her Master's degree in Acting for Film. While residing there, she's been fortunate to act in a variety of award winning short films and had the opportunity to play several different characters. 

In addition to acting in films, she has appeared in music videos and commercial productions.

She has always had the drive to learn and develop her skills, which is why she looks forward to new and different kind of projects.

Laura Kane


And the world of theater, is because in this 

world you get to create and experience

something you normally probably wouldn't.


You also get to work with creative and talented people who are all working towards the same goal.


You get to express yourself and have fun at the

same time.

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